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Our Role and purpose

The Friends of Finchley Youth Theatre is an independent charity which was started in 1996 to raise the profile of Finchley Youth Theatre (which is located at 142 High Road, East Finchley, London, N2 9ED) and apply for grants to supplement equipment and support the service.

Seventeen years later, Finchley Youth Theatre remains at the heart of our community. It offers an inclusive range of services to local young people. Turbulent times are ahead for all Council services and we need an active Friends' group to support the excellent work that FYT does. A new group of Trustees has re-launched the Friends’ group.

Purpose of the Friends' group

The purpose of the Friends of Finchley Youth Theatre is to ensure that the inclusive range of services provided to young people through Finchley Youth Theatre and especially its Arts focus is promoted, developed and supported by the local community and local authority.

The Friends of Finchley Youth Theatre will achieve this purpose by:
1. Building a supporters
organisation which will support the work and activities of the Finchley Youth Theatre and could include a volunteers' group.
2. Working in partnership with the local authority and other partners e.g. developing close links with the London Borough of Barnet; local businesses, schools especially Oak Lodge, voluntary organisations and the wider community to explain the work of FYT and attract participation from across the community including parts that we have not yet reached.
3. Fundraising in support of FYT activities through, for example, - attracting grant funding that is not available directly to the Council; - sponsorship of places for families facing financial hardship; - the direct raising of funds by appeals for equipment.
4. Promotion of the activities of the Finchley Youth Centre by publicising them to the local community via an FoFYT website, social media, exhibitions, posters, leaflets etc. and holding open days to allow the local community to visit and explore the building, its facilities and activities.
5. Having Fun through socialising, holding events, exhibitions, talks and discussions about the Finchley Youth Centre.
6. Researching and recording the history of Finchley Youth Centre and its impact in and on the local community.

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